High School Science Olympiad · Science Olympiad Advances to State!

This was Stargate’s first year to have a complete High School Science Olympiad team compete at the Northern Regional Tournament.  Under the leadership of team captain Hannah Nguyen, these students placed in the top 10 overall (crushing local rivals at Peak to Peak, PRA, Fairview and Valor, and schools as far away as Evergreen and Steamboat Springs) They will be advancing to the STATE competition in Colorado Springs on April 4.

Hannah Nguyen, Megha Kumar, Aditya Shankarling, Samridhi Shrestha, Hetasri Galla, Lynne Nguyen, Kopal Chaurasia, Anushka Udeshi, Senan Heys, Conor McVeigh, Chanda Kumar, Jacob Lei, Madeline Gregory, Carter Dorman, Kayley Dorman all competed this past weekend!
Here is a team photo in their super cool Stargate lab coats, and a few highlights about specific events:
Senan Heys and Conor McVeigh – 2nd place in Forensics Aditya Shankarling and Hannah Nguyen – 4th place in Anatomy
Megha Kumar and Samridhi Shrestha – 4th place in Disease Detectives
Madeline Gregory and Lynne Nguyen – 6th place in Ornithology
Carter Dorman and Hetasri Galla – 7th place in Sounds of Music (instrument creation)
Kayley Dorman and Carter Dorman – 7th place in Astronomy
Hetasri Galla and Lynne Nguyen  – 8th place in Machines
Anushka Udeshi and Samridhi Shrestha – 8th place in Boomilever
Jacob Lei and Aditya Shankarling – 10th place in Detector Building